Words I Want You to Remember

I can barely begin to tell you of all my wishes for you
There are so many of them, and I want them all to come true
I want you to use your heart as a compass as you grow and find
your way in the world, but I want you to always have an
appreciation for the direction of home.
I want you to be self-reliant, self-sufficient,
but to know that you will never be alone...
For you, my teenager:
I want you to be safe and smart and cautious
I want you to be wise beyond your years
I donít want you to grow up to vast
I want you to come to me with your fears
I want the people who share your days
to realize that they are in the presence of Avery special someone
You are a wonderful, rare person with no comparison
I want you to know that opportunities will come,
and youíll have many goals to achieve

The more that obstacles get in the way of your dreams,
the more youíll need to believe
Get your feet wet with new experiences,
but be sure you never get in over your head
I want you to realize how capable you are and
that your possibilities are unlimited
I hope you never lose your childlike wonder,
your delight and appreciation in interesting things
I know youíll keep responding in a positive way
to the challenges live always brings
I hope that you wonít rush the future and that youíll 
slowly build on the stepping stones of the past
You have a strong foundation of family
and friends and joy that will always last
I wish I could find the words to tell you how much
I love you each and every day
But that feeling is so strong and it's
meaning is so magnificent,
it can be hard to know just what to say
I love you beyond all words
And I promise that I will love you beyond all time
So many treasures await you in your journey of life...
And being blessed with you... has been mine
With Love and
Wonderful Wishes for You

April 2003