Know This My Child

As a parent, there is not a more genuine or important message I have to offer.
I Love you and have always loved you.

I have tried to show you by my words and actions this love, but realize I may
have fallen short of this goal at times.....
To the best of my ability, with the work of my body, the limits of my mind,
and the strength of my soul

I have tried to give you love, shelter and food
I have tried to give you as much of my time as possible in this hectic, hurried world.
I have tried to give you fun and laughter
I have tried to give you the safety and protection that you have a right to and I have
an obligation to give.
I have tried to let you know about life’s unpleasantries without scaring you too much.
I have tried to give you as much trust as possible in an apparently untrusting world

In all my breaths, my true intention has never been to hurt you or bring you any
unnecessary pain.
I have tried to be to you the best parent I could with the tools given to me.
I want you to know that for any times I have hurt you, disappointed you,
or let you down, knowingly or unknowingly, I am sorry.
I am sorry for my shortcomings and the mistakes I made that caused you any pain.
For this I ask you forgiveness, only when and if you are willing to give it

Thank you for the pleasures and treasures you have given me,
both deserved and not.
There was never been anything you have done that has taken away my
unconditional love for you.
Always and now, in my eyes, heart, and soul, you are to me the most
beautiful bud, the loveliest bloom, and the most perfect flower.

I have loved you from the day you were born...
I love you with every breath you take....
I will love you.... forever.

Steven H. Wilder

April 2003